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Under Construction May 2011 SITKA BLACK-TAILED DEER Odocoileus hemionus sitkensis GUARD HAIR Length: 28mm for Odocoileus hemionus (Mayer 1952), 53mm Odocoileus hemionus hemionus (Moore et al 1974), 30-40mm (ASM#1), 40-50mm (ASM #3) Diameter Range: Under 200 microns for Odocoileus hemionus (Mayer 1952), 299 microns Odocoileus hemionus hemionus (Moore et al 1974), 250-380 microns (ASM #1), […]


Under Construction May 2011 DOG Canis lupus familiaris GUARD HAIR Length: 45-60mm on mane (German shepherd of Adorjan and Kolenosky 1969) 35-40 mm (Labrador retriever of Adorjan and Kolenosky 1969) 29-70mm on back, 30-64mm on sides, 9-60mm on underside (German shepherd, husky and Labrador retrievers Kennedy 1982). Diameter Range: 156-228 microns (Brown 1942) 87.5 – […]


Under Construction May 2011 ROOSEVELT ELK Cervus elaphus GUARD HAIR Length: 70-80mm (Adorjan and Kolenosky 1969), 67mm max (Moore et al 1974, Cervus elaphus nelsoni), Very long taper at tip (ASM #1) 105-110mm max on bell (ASM #2) 50-80mm neck (ASM #2) 15mm leg (ASM #2) Diameter Range: 357 microns max (Moore et al 1974, […]


Under Construction May 2011 FISHER Martes pennanti GUARD HAIR Length: 50-60mm (Adorjan and Kolenosky 1969) Diameter Range: 72-176 microns (Brown 1942)  less than 100 microns (Mayer 1952) up to 110 microns (ASM #1) Medullary Index: 0.67 ave (Brown 1942)  0.42-0.59 (ASM #1) Medulla: Medullary cells at the base robust, flattened, often joined together as in […]


Under Construction May 2011 ARCTIC FOX Alopex lagopus GUARD HAIR Length: 70-80mm (Brown 1942), 40-50 (Adorjan and Kolenosky 1969), 75-85 (Furskin 2006), 20-35mm (ASM #2 lower back), 80-85mm (ASM #2 belly), 60-70mm (ASM #2 tail) Diameter Range: 56-132 (Brown 1942). 37-65 (ASM #2) Medullary Index: 0.61 ave (Brown 1942) 0.69 (ASM #2) Medulla: Continuous with […]


Under Construction May 2011 RED FOX Vulpes vulpes GUARD HAIR Length: Up to 80mm  (Brown 1942), 50mm (Adorjan and Kolenosky 1969), 56mm max (Moore et al 1974), max 156mm (Hicks 1977, is he talking about tail hair?) 51-85mm back hair, 41-70mm on sides, 15-54 on belly (Kennedy 1982), 25-60mm (Toth 2002), 35-40mm (ASM #1), 40-48mm […]


Under Construction May 2011 MOUNTAIN GOAT Oreamnos americanus GUARD HAIR Length: 60mm max (Moore et al 1974), 100-120mm 150max (ASM #1), 95-100mm (ASM #5 neck), 90-120mm (ASM#6 Winter coat version), 30-40mm (ASM#7 early fall animal) Diameter Range: 220 microns (Moore et al 1974), 55 microns (ASM #1), 165-175 microns (ASM #6 Winter coat version) has […]


Under Construction May 2011 ALASKAN HARE/ TUNDRA HARE Lepus othus GUARD HAIR Length: 25-30mm Diameter Range: 42.5- 75 (ASM #1) Medullary Index: 0.65-0.86 (ASM #1) Medulla: Multiserial ladder consisting of at least three rows of cells per the width of the medulla. The cells are hockey puck shaped and are consistent throughout the length of […]


Under Construction May 2011 SHOWSHOE HARE Lepus americanus GUARD HAIR Length: 30-40mm (Adorjan and Kolenosky 1969), 30-48mm (Moore et al 1974), 20-25mm (ASM #1) Diameter Range: One hair was measured at regular increments from the root to the tip; the basal region was measured at 30 microns, center of the hair at its widest ranged […]


Under Construction May 2011 LYNX Lynx canadensis GUARD HAIR Length: 50mm (Brown 1942), 50-55mm, with longer hairs 60-70mm on the belly (Adorjan and Kolenosky 1969), 60mm max (Moore et al 1974), 35-45mm (Furskin 2006), 55mm (ASM #1) 30-60mm (ASM #2) Diameter Range: 88-184 (Brown 1942), 107-118 microns (Moore et al 1974), 60-100 microns (Furskin 2006), […]